Family Tax Recovery Get Unclaimed CRA Benefits Owed You. Average $3,000.

"Family Tax Recovery is a private tax firm in Toronto that specializes in finding dollars you may have lost at the CRA over the last 10 years and making sure you get it back! They get paid ONLY if they find you a refund. If they don't find you a refund, their services are FREE OF CHARGE! Click here to sign up".

What To Expect

Our Benefits Specialists will search your past 10-years tax returns and utilize their special training and advanced software to uncover all available benefits, grants, positive tax law changes, errors and unclaimed credits that apply to you.

Fill out Refund Request Form

Validate your Social Insurance Number

Sign Authorization Form Online

Real People Getting Real Refunds

Got Questions?

We've Got Answers!

We made the process of claiming your tax refund extremely simple. If you still have a few questions please review our frequently asked questions.


We made it simple for you to get started.

  1. Fill out our Refund Request Form
  2. Validate your Social Insurance Number
  3. Sign our Authorization Form Online

After you sign up you will get access to your Personal Page which will provide you with any updates to your file.

GREAT question! Three out of every five people are entitled to a refund. This could be you!
Most of our tax reviews result in a refund from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars.

Our Refund Review is free. We only charge you after you receive your unclaimed benefits from previously filed tax returns.

33% on the first $25,000 refunded to you and a sliding scale down to 10% for larger refunds

Did you maximize your refund last year? How about the last 10 years?

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